Baby Blue Agate Nugget Bracelets

Baby Blue Agate Nugget Bracelets

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-Agate, a kind of chalcedony, comes in a light blue variant called "Baby Blue Agate."

-The bracelet's nugget shape gives it a rustic and natural appearance.

-Agate is thought to have healing qualities and to bring stability and equilibrium.

-According to legend, the agate's pale blue hue encourages serenity and peace.

-People with various wrist sizes can use the bracelet easily because it is adjustable.

Blue Baby Agate is a form of chalcedony that comes in a light blue variation. It is considered to possess therapeutic qualities that promote harmony, constancy, tranquility, and emotional healing. It is frequently utilized in jewelry, home décor, crystal healing, and energy work. The Mohs hardness of agate is 6.5-7.