Black Tourmaline Cluster on Metal Base

Black Tourmaline Cluster on Metal Base

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-Natural black tourmaline mineral clusters that have been shaped into clusters are what make up the black tourmaline clusters on the metal base.

-The clusters are fixed on a base composed of metal, which can be constructed of brass, copper, silver, or gold.

-The cluster is thought to provide a grounding effect on the body and mind and to assist shield against EMF radiation and negative energy.

-The cluster has a number of applications, including decorating, energy healing, and serving as a meditational focus.

-The metal base can be constructed in a variety of styles, and the clusters themselves come in a variety of sizes and forms, making them adaptable to varied environments.


Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, is a naturally occurring mineral that is dark in color and found in various locations around the world. It is a grounding stone that is believed to protect against negative energy and EMF radiation.