Bloodstone Polished Palm Stones

Bloodstone Polished Palm Stones

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-Small, polished gemstones with a smooth surface that are simple to hold in the palm of your hand are called bloodstone polished palm stones.

-They are composed of bloodstone or heliotrope, a dark green stone with scarlet specks.

-Because they are thought to offer grounding and protecting qualities, these palm stones are employed in crystal healing and meditation techniques.

-They are also said to strengthen the immune system and aid in blood purification.

-For increased energy and protection, bloodstone polished palm stones can be carried around or placed in particular spots around your home or workplace.


A chalcedony variation known as "bloodstone" has scarlet specks that mimic blood and is a dark green stone in general. It is a natural resource that may be found in China, Brazil, and India and has long been utilized in jewelry and carvings. Bloodstone is thought to offer healing, blood-purifying, immune-system-boosting, grounding, and protecting characteristics. Because of a medieval notion that the stone reflected the sun, it is also known as heliotrope.