Brecciated Jasper Polished Palm Stones

Brecciated Jasper Polished Palm Stones

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-Each polished palm stone made of brecciated jasper is distinct due to its distinctive, multicolored, and shattered appearance.

-These stones can be utilized in crystal healing and meditation techniques and are thought to have healing abilities.

-Smooth and comfortable to handle, polished palm stones are ideal for taking around or employing in massage therapy.

-Brecciated jasper is thought to support emotional stability and equilibrium as well as improve judgment and problem-solving skills.

-Palm stones can be used as a tool for directing energy during meditation or healing sessions as well as for grounding and centering oneself.


A kind of chalcedony, a mineral belonging to the quartz family, is brecciated jasper. It is frequently red, brown, or yellow in color, and can contain a range of various patterns and tints. It has a multicolored and fractured appearance. According to legend, it provides vigor and vitality while also anchoring, bringing serenity, and focusing stray thoughts. It is also thought to support bodily recovery, decision-making, and emotional harmony. Brecciated jasper is a type of rock that is widely utilized in lapidary work, jewelry creation, healing, and meditation. It is frequently carved into polished palm stones.