Carnelian Round 8mm Bracelets

Carnelian Round 8mm Bracelets

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-Each bracelet is made of genuine carnelian stones, each with its own distinct variations in color and pattern.

-8mm circular beads for a timeless and elegant style.

-According to legend, carnelian has energizing and anchoring qualities.

-The length is adjustable to match most wrist sizes.

-Can be stacked with other bracelets to create a layered effect or worn alone.


The chalcedony mineral known as carnelian is distinguished by its reddish-orange hue. It is thought to provide calming qualities that promote emotional harmony and inner tranquility. The sacral chakra, which is linked to creativity and intuition, is associated with it. It is an excellent stone for studying or working because it is also thought to improve motivation and attention. It has a long history of use as a talisman for bravery and safety. Due to the presence of iron oxide, carnelian can range in hue from light pinkish-orange to dark rusty brown.