Cat’s Eye Polished Points

Cat’s Eye Polished Points

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-Made from cat's eye, a natural mineral kind of chrysoberyl renowned for its distinctive chatoyancy or "eye" look.

-Points that have been polished to look sleek and elegant.

-Cat's eye is thought to offer anchoring and protecting qualities.

-Can be utilized as decorative items or in crystal healing rituals.

-The parallel fibrous inclusions in the stone, which bend light in a particular way, produce -the "eye" effect.


The chrysoberyl mineral Cat's Eye demonstrates a special visual phenomenon called "chatoyancy" or the "cat's eye" effect. It typically has a yellow-green, brown, or grayish hue. In the past, it was thought to provide luck and protection. It is regarded as a grounding stone that offers a feeling of safety and stability. It is also linked to the Root chakra, which governs our sense of security and survival. It is utilized as decorative items, in crystal healing techniques, and in lapidary work.