Chevron Amethyst Worry Stone

Chevron Amethyst Worry Stone

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-Chevron amethyst concern stones are tiny, polished amethyst crystals with a natural "V" form, or "chevron" pattern, on one side.

-They can be used to relieve stress or anxiety by pressing the smooth surface with the thumb, earning them the nicknames "palm stones" or "thumb stones."

-Is a well-liked stone for spiritual and emotional healing because of its calming and purifying qualities.

-Worry stones made of chevron amethyst are a handy and transportable self-care item that may be kept in pockets, purses, or bags.

-They are frequently handcrafted and make wonderful presents for loved ones who are interested in healing and spiritual practices.


Chevron amethyst, often called "banded amethyst," is a variety of amethyst that has quartz veins running through it that are either white or gray. The "V" or chevron design created by these bands is what gives the stone its name. Iron and other minerals present during the stone's development cause the bands, which are often parallel to one another. Chevron amethyst is thought to offer healing qualities and to support emotional stability and equilibrium. A common gemstone for jewelry is this one.