Citrine Cluster Pendant

Citrine Cluster Pendant

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-A yellow type of quartz called citrine is frequently used in jewelry.

-A number of gems or stones are set in a cluster on a piece of jewelry called a cluster pendant.

-According to legend, citrine is a healing stone that can bring happiness and wealth.

-Citrine may be used to create a variety of various aesthetics by combining it with other gemstones or metals.

-Is the birthstone for November.


A yellow quartz type called citrine is utilized in jewelry and decorative products. It is renowned for its cozy, golden-yellow hue and is thought to possess metaphysical qualities that encourage optimism, luck, and wealth. Amethyst or smokey quartz is heated to create citrine, which is found in countries like Brazil, Spain, and the United States. It is the birthstone for November and is thought to have healing abilities.