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Fossil Agate Round Bracelet

Fossil Agate Round Bracelet

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-A form of agate known as fossil agate contains preserved fragments of extinct vegetation and animals.

-Jewelry that can be worn around the wrist includes bracelets.

-Making fossil agate bracelets involves stringing the fossil agate beads together and securing them with a clasp.

-Fossil agate is utilized to support emotional stability and attention and is thought to have grounding characteristics.

-Bracelets made of fossil agate can be worn as ornaments or used as a tool for meditation and energy work.


A form of agate known as fossil agate contains fossilized remains of extinct flora and animals, creating unusual textures and patterns. It is utilized in jewelry and energy work because it is thought to provide grounding effects for emotional stability and concentration. Agate fossils can be discovered all over the world.

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