Lapis Silver Plated Heart Pendant

Lapis Silver Plated Heart Pendant

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-The lapis heart pendant is constructed of premium lapis lazuli stones, which are then plated in silver to increase its beauty and sturdiness.

-Design: A touch of romance and refinement are added to any jewelry collection with the heart-shaped pendant, which is a timeless classic.

-The rich, deep blue color of lapis lazuli, which is coveted, makes it a dramatic and eye-catching addition to the silver-plated heart pendant.

-Durability: The silver plating provides the pendant with an additional layer of protection, making it a terrific option for long-lasting wear.

-Versatility: The pendant can be combined with different necklaces or worn alone to create a one-of-a-kind style. The silver and blue color scheme is adaptable.


A blue gemstone with a speckled look called lapis lazuli is treasured for both its aesthetic appeal and its symbolic value. It is a mineral that may be found in Afghanistan, Chile, and Russia, and has long been used in jewelry and other beautiful things. It is frequently used in meditation because it is thought to contain qualities that promote self-awareness, wisdom, and inner calm. Consider variables like color and clarity when purchasing lapis lazuli.