Rainbow Obsidian Polished Stone

Rainbow Obsidian Polished Stone

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-Natural Beauty: With their distinctive swirls of iridescent hue, our Rainbow Obsidian polished stones display the natural beauty of this volcanic glass.

-Strong defensive energy: Rainbow obsidian is thought to posses this energy, which helps to ward off stress and negative energy. When you carry one of our Rainbow Obsidian stones, you may feel more secure and anchored.

-Healing Properties: In addition to its protective energy, Rainbow Obsidian is also said to have healing properties that can help to relieve emotional scars and produce a sense of serenity and well-being.

-Rainbow Obsidian polished stones are adaptable and may be used in many different ways, such as as a meditation tool, a decorative item, or a talisman that you can take with you at all times.


A volcanic glass with an iridescent sheen brought on by microscopic air bubbles inside is called rainbow obsidian. It is black and has rainbow-like colors on it. It is connected to the root and heart chakras and is thought to have a relaxing and protective vibe. Jewelry and energy healing techniques both use it.