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Selenite 3 Piece Pendant

Selenite 3 Piece Pendant

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-Gypsum crystals of the selenite type are frequently white or clear and have an unique fibrous or striated look.

-Selenite is thought to offer a variety of metaphysical qualities, such as the capacity to heighten intuition, foster mental clarity, and purify energy.

-Three tiny selenite crystals that have been polished and put in a pendant setting commonly make up a three-piece selenite pendant.

-Selenite three-piece pendants are frequently used in crystal healing and meditation techniques because it is said that they aid in chakra balance, energy cleaning, and connecting with higher spiritual planes.

-Three-piece pendants made of selenite are frequently used to improve spiritual and energetic practices and can be worn as jewelry or kept on your person.


Selenite  has a striated look and is frequently white or clear in color. It's thought to have metaphysical qualities that help with mental clarity, intuition, and energy purification. Selenite is a mineral that is frequently used in crystal healing and meditation techniques. It has a variety of uses, including enhancing meditation, purifying the energy in a space, and directing energy for crystal healing.

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