Selenite Chakra Pendant

Selenite Chakra Pendant

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-Chakra Balancing: The seven chakras, which are energy centers in the body that are essential to good physical, emotional, and spiritual health, are balanced and aligned with the aid of the pendant.

-The pendant is fashioned from a selenite crystal that is found naturally. Selenite is well-known for its relaxing and purifying qualities, making it a great crystal for chakra therapy.

-Each pendant is painstakingly made by hand, making each one special and one-of-a-kind.

-A magnificent combination of selenite crystal and vibrant chakra stones is used in the pendant's trendy and eye-catching design.

-The pendant is adaptable and can be worn as a daily reminder to pay attention to chakra balance or during energy work and meditation.


Selenite has a striated look and is frequently white or clear in color. It's thought to have metaphysical qualities that help with mental clarity, intuition, and energy purification. Selenite is a mineral that is frequently used in crystal healing and meditation techniques. It has a variety of uses, including enhancing meditation, purifying the energy in a space, and directing energy for crystal healing.