Smokey Quartz Worry Stone

Smokey Quartz Worry Stone

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-Smoky Quartz worry stones are smooth, polished stones that are convenient for taking with you throughout the day because they readily fit in the palm of your hand.

-According to legend, Smoky Quartz's distinctive brown tone offers stability and grounding, which reduces tension and anxiety.

-Using a worry stone made of smokey quartz can help you concentrate, lessen anxiety and panic attacks, and foster peace and relaxation.

-Smoky Quartz is thought to offer defensive qualities as well, sheltering its user from harmful energy while encouraging optimistic thinking and emotional stability.

-A Smokey Quartz worry stone can be a helpful tool for controlling your emotions and reducing stress, whether you're dealing with stress at work or experiencing anxiety in your personal life.


A brown or black form of quartz known as "smokey quartz" obtains its color from exposure to natural radiation. It is widespread throughout the world and rates 7 on the Mohs scale for hardness. Due to its reputation as having grounding, therapeutic, and protective qualities, smokey quartz is frequently used in meditation and complementary therapies.