Sodalite Polished Points

Sodalite Polished Points

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-Beautiful crystal formations called sodalite polished points bring out sodalite's inherent beauty in a distinctive and striking way.

-Sodalite is supposed to have a variety of positive effects, including fostering mental clarity and improving self-expression and communication.

-Sodalite polished tips are excellent tools for feng shui, energy work, and meditation because of their pointed shape, which may be utilized to direct energy.

-Using a sodalite polished point can aid to balance and align the throat chakra, which is also connected to sodalite.

-Each polished sodalite point's distinctive patterns and blue tones make them a stunning and distinctive addition to any crystal collection or home decor.


A blue and white mineral called sodalite is made up of the elements sodium, aluminum, silica, chlorine, and oxygen. It is used as a decorative stone, gemstone, in ornamental carvings, pottery, glass, and for metaphysical and therapeutic uses. It is found all over the world. It is thought that sodalite improves emotional equilibrium, self-expression, and communication. Like other gemstones, it should be treated with care and cleaned using a soft brush, mild soap, and water.