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Tourmaline & Quartz On A Metal Base

Tourmaline & Quartz On A Metal Base

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-Both quartz and tourmaline are crystals that are said to have potent healing qualities. Together, they have the potential to produce a strong energy that can support general balance and wellness.

-Quartz is thought to magnify energy and encourage mental clarity, whilst tourmaline is renowned for its capacity to shield against harmful energy.

-Quartz and tourmaline are frequently paired in jewelry, especially pendants and bracelets. The object might be given more strength and longevity if it has a metal basis.

-When tourmaline and quartz are combined, a stunning color contrast can be produced by the black or colorful tourmaline contrasting with the clear or white quartz. 


One of the most prevalent minerals on Earth, quartz is prized for its transparency and clarity. It is a crystal made of silicon dioxide and is available in a range of hues, including clear, white, and smokey. Many healing benefits of quartz are thought to exist. It is a well-liked crystal for meditation and other spiritual practices since it is supposed to boost energy and encourage clarity of thought. Jewelry frequently contains quartz, especially pendants and earrings. Due to its capacity to vibrate at a set frequency, it is also utilized in watches and other timekeeping gadgets. Brazil, Madagascar, and the United States are just a few of the countries where quartz may be found.


Black Tourmaline:
A crystal called black tourmaline is renowned for its capacity to ward off harmful energies. It is said to support general wellness by helping to balance and center the body's energies. Black tourmaline is frequently utilized in crystal healing and spiritual rituals. It is a popular choice for meditation and energy work because it is thought to help cleanse and purify the energy field. Brazil, Africa, and the United States are frequently where one can find black tourmaline. Jewelry made of black tourmaline is popular, especially bracelets and pendants. It can also serve as grounding and protection when kept in a pocket or purse. One of the most typical varieties of tourmaline is black, sometimes known as "schorl" tourmaline.

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