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Velvet Obsidian Polished Stone

Velvet Obsidian Polished Stone

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-A uncommon and distinctive variety of volcanic glass produced by lava flows is known as velvet obsidian.

-The deep, rich black hue and silky shine of this stone define it.
In addition to helping to drive away bad energy and foster inner fortitude and perseverance, velvet obsidian is thought to be a potent grounding and protective stone.

-It is a preferred option for meditation and spiritual practices because it is thought to improve intuition, creativity, and spiritual awareness.

-Some people think that velvet obsidian, especially in the areas of trauma and grief, can aid in the release of emotional barriers and the promotion of healing.


A special variety of volcanic glass with a deep, rich black hue and velvety feel is called velvet obsidian. It is thought to be a potently stabilizing and shielding stone that fosters inner fortitude, psychic ability, and spiritual awareness. Velvet Obsidian is sometimes used for stress relief and emotional restoration. It can be worn as jewelry, utilized as a meditation tool, or scattered over your space. Despite widespread belief, there is no proof to back up claims that crystals have healing powers.

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