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Amethyst A Grade Chip Bead Necklace

Amethyst A Grade Chip Bead Necklace

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-Amethyst chip necklaces are made from small, polished pieces of amethyst, a purple-colored quartz.

-Amethyst is frequently used in energy healing and meditation for its calming and healing properties.

-An amethyst chip necklace of grade A will have minimal white or lighter purple inclusions and a consistent deep purple color.

-A necklace with a length of 32 inches can be worn as a single strand or wrapped multiple times to create a layered look.

-Amethyst chip necklaces are a popular fashion and healing jewelry option that can be layered with other gemstones.

Grade A amethyst is a high-quality variety of amethyst that is distinguished by its rich, deep purple color, high clarity, well-cut shape, and absence of obvious inclusions. It is regarded as being of the highest possible quality; the larger the stone, the greater its value; weight alone does not indicate the stone's grade. Natural, untreated amethysts are regarded as more valuable than those that have been irradiated to enhance their color.

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