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Amethyst HQ Round 8mm Bracelet

Amethyst HQ Round 8mm Bracelet

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-Amethyst HQ round bracelets are constructed from high-quality, round-shaped amethysts, a purple-colored quartz.

-Amethysts are a popular choice for people who are interested in meditation and energy healing because they are said to have spiritual and healing properties.

-Amethysts of high quality that are used in these bracelets will have a deep, vivid color, high clarity, and a well-cut, round shape.

-These bracelets are frequently worn to encourage emotional stability, inner strength, and mental, physical, and spiritual harmony.

-Amethyst HQ round bracelets come in a variety of sizes and styles. They can be worn by themselves or with other healing stones to make a powerful combination.


Gemstone-grade "HQ" amethyst is distinguished by its deep purple color, high clarity, well-cut round shape, and absence of visible inclusions. It is thought to be of the highest possible quality. A stone's value increases with its size, but the stone's grade is not determined by its weight alone. Natural, untreated amethysts are regarded as more valuable than those that have been irradiated to enhance their color.

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