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Black Obsidian Round Bracelets

Black Obsidian Round Bracelets

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Black Obsidian Round Bracelets Approximately 8mm Diameter.

- Crafted from premium black obsidian: Black obsidian is a powerful grounding stone that helps to eliminate negative energy and fosters emotions of security and protection. It is renowned for its distinctive beauty and therapeutic abilities.

- Sleek and elegant design: This bracelet's 8mm round beads are polished to a high gloss, giving them a contemporary and elegant appearance. Since the bracelet is strung on a sturdy elastic band, it is simple to put on and take off and fits wrists of all sizes comfortably.

-This bracelet is hypoallergenic and suited for all wrist sizes, making it a fantastic option for anyone with sensitive skin. Additionally, it is suspended from an elastic string, making a variety of wrist sizes easy to fit.

For those looking for a sleek and stylish look, this black obsidian 8mm round bracelet is the ideal accessory. High-quality black obsidian, a form of volcanic glass renowned for its distinct beauty and therapeutic benefits, was used to make this bracelet.

The bracelet has a considerable presence on the wrist without feeling too heavy or bulky thanks to the 8mm-diameter round beads. The beads have a sleek, contemporary appearance thanks to their high sheen polish.

Black obsidian is thought to be a potent grounding stone that aids in the removal of bad energy and fosters feelings of security and protection. It is also thought to support mental and decision-making clarity, making it a wonderful option for individuals looking to strike a balance.

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