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Black Tourmaline Chip Bead Necklace

Black Tourmaline Chip Bead Necklace

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-Tourmaline in black Black tourmaline is a naturally occurring mineral that has been chipped into small, erratic pieces to create necklaces with a length of 32 inches.

-The necklace can be worn long at 32 inches, which makes it ideal for layering or wrapping several times around the neck.

-The necklace is said to have a grounding effect on the body and mind and to help shield against EMF radiation and bad energy.

-The necklace is a wonderful way to benefit from black tourmaline's therapeutic qualities every day.

-The necklace has a distinctive, bohemian design that can be worn with many outfits thanks to the natural, rustic appearance of the cracked stones.


Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, is a naturally occurring mineral that is dark in color and found in various locations around the world. It is a grounding stone that is believed to protect against negative energy and EMF radiation.

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