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Black Tourmaline Silver Plated Bail Pendant

Black Tourmaline Silver Plated Bail Pendant

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-Tourmaline in black Natural black tourmaline mineral that has been cut into a certain shape and placed into a silver-plated bail is the basis for Silver Plated Bail Pendants.

-The black tourmaline's intrinsic beauty is enhanced by the silver plating, which also gives it a contemporary and chic appearance.

-The black tourmaline's grounding and protective qualities can be easily incorporated into your daily life thanks to the bail, which enables the pendant to be worn on a chain or cord.

-You have a wide range of alternatives when it comes to the pendants' shapes, sizes, and variants, such as different metal platings or wire wrapping.

-Black tourmaline and silver plating work together to create a strong and beautiful item that may be used as a fashion accessory.


Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, is a naturally occurring mineral that is dark in color and found in various locations around the world. It is a grounding stone that is believed to protect against negative energy and EMF radiation.

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