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Blue Goldstone Chip Bead Necklace

Blue Goldstone Chip Bead Necklace

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-Glass-based artificial stone called blue goldstone has small metallic particles that give it a sparkling appearance.

-The necklace is a terrific choice for layering or wearing as a statement piece because it is 32 inches long.

-The necklace has a distinctive, organic appearance because to the blue goldstone chips.

-The blue goldstone is thought to be a strong energy stone that can assist increase drive and motivation.

-A necklace with chips like this one is a terrific way to give any outfit a bohemian flair.


Glass is used to create the artificial stone known as Blue Goldstone, which has small metallic flecks, typically copper, that give it a sparkling appearance. It is thought that the Miotti family of Venice, Italy, invented it in the 17th century. It is a component of jewelry and is claimed to offer metaphysical benefits like promoting motivation, easing anxiety and fear, and shielding the wearer from bad energy. It is a dark blue stone with tiny metallic flecks that is frequently used as a decorative stone in the form of sculptures, beads, and cabochons. Similar to goldstone, brown goldstone has a brown hue.

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