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Blue Tiger’s Eye 8mm Round Bracelet

Blue Tiger’s Eye 8mm Round Bracelet

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-Blue Tiger Eye is a variety of Tiger Eye stone distinguished by its distinctive banded appearance.

-The bracelet has a timeless, traditional style thanks to the spherical beads.

-According to legend, blue tiger eye has anchoring and protecting qualities, making it a popular gemstone for jewelry.

-Because it is a sturdy and resilient stone, blue tiger eye is a fantastic option for daily use.


Blue Tiger Eye is a form of fibrous Quartz that is Tiger Eye and is blue in color. It is created when the blue-gray mineral crocidolite, a member of the asbestos family, is altered. Due to the parallel arrangement of the stone's fibers, blue tiger eye is distinguished by its distinctive banded appearance. Blue Tiger Eye is thought to help with attention, insight, and stability. It is also claimed to have grounding and protecting powers. Additionally, it is considered to be beneficial in lowering tension and anxiety. Jewelry makers frequently utilize blue tiger eye as beads, cabochons, and sculptures. In addition to South Africa, Western Australia, and the United States, it can be found all over the world.

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