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Carnelian Polished Heart

Carnelian Polished Heart

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-Carnelian polished heart stones highlight the exquisite natural beauty of carnelian gemstone. These stones are visually appealing and make for distinctive ornamental pieces due to their smooth, polished surface and heart-shaped pattern.

-Energizing and Motivational powers: Carnelian is well-known for its energizing and motivating powers. It is thought to improve courage, confidence, and vigor, making it a great stone for individuals seeking motivation or overcoming hurdles. Having a carnelian polished heart stone as a concrete reminder of these empowering attributes might be beneficial.

-Emotional Healing: Carnelian has also been linked to emotional healing and stability. It is thought to help eradicate bad emotions like wrath, fear, and jealousy while replacing them with beneficial energy like joy and inner peace.
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