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Charoite Chipped Bracelet

Charoite Chipped Bracelet

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-Small chunks of the uncommon mineral charoite are used to make bracelets.

-Charoite is a mineral distinguished by its swirling patterns of purple, lavender, and white hues.

-These lightweight bracelets look wonderful layered with other bracelets.

-According to legend, charoite has therapeutic powers and can relieve stress and anxiety as well as foster spiritual development and emotional harmony.

-It is thought that wearing a bracelet with charoite chips will impart the stone's healing powers to the person, enhancing their bodily, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

-They are frequently handcrafted and make wonderful presents for loved ones who are interested in healing and spiritual practices.


Only found in the Sakha Republic, Russia, charoite is a rare mineral renowned for its swirling patterns of purple, lavender, and white colors. It is thought to have healing qualities and to aid in stress relief, anxiety reduction, emotional stability, and spiritual development. The crown chakra, which is linked to spirituality and enlightenment, is thought to benefit greatly from the use of charoite, which is frequently utilized in crystal healing. Jewelry, decorations, and other decorative things are frequently made of charoite.

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