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Citrine Quartz Keychain

Citrine Quartz Keychain

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-Keychains made of citrine quartz are a fashionable and useful way to take the healing powers of citrine with you wherever you go.

-Citrine, known as the "stone of abundance," is thought to bring its possessor success, prosperity, and good fortune.

-Citrine is a warm, yellow gemstone that some people believe might help lessen depressive and anxious sensations by encouraging positivity and joy.

-Keychains made of citrine quartz are compact and lightweight, making them simple to carry in a pocket, purse, or as a keychain.

-These keychains are wonderful presents for friends and family members as well as a treat for yourself.


A yellow quartz type called citrine is utilized in jewelry and decorative products. It is renowned for its cozy, golden-yellow hue and is thought to possess metaphysical qualities that encourage optimism, luck, and wealth. Amethyst or smokey quartz is heated to create citrine, which is found in countries like Brazil, Spain, and the United States. It is the birthstone for November and is thought to have healing abilities. 


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