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Crystal of the Month November 2022¬†Sodalite Candle Holders¬†at The Crystal Gallery!! Discount 50% off! ūüėć

Sodium aluminum silicate chloride is known as sodalite. Its name alludes to the mineral's sodium content. It primarily manifests as large or granular tendencies and hardly ever forms crystals. Although it can be white, yellowish, reddish, or even greenish, sodalite is often blue or grey. White calcite can be seen mixed up with sodalite's blue hues. Most specimens of this stone are opaque and have a vitreous to greasy luster. There are sodalite deposits in the USA, Brazil, India, Italy, and Canada.
This stone is beneficial for inventors, scholars, educators, sports, physical therapists, and meditators.  Its relaxing effects aid in clearing your mind. It is a useful stone for aiding in the cancellation of angry, vengeful, or pessimistic thoughts.  Increased awareness, assistance in organizing, and the ability to express your own convictions orally or physically are all said to be benefits of sodalite.
Sodalite is good to have in your bedroom.

Chakra: Third Eye  

Month: November 2022
Crystal: Sodalite Specimens
Discount: 50% OFF! ūüėČ

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