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Crystal of the Month at The Crystal Gallery! 50% OFF

Crystal of the Month at The Crystal Gallery! 50% OFF

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Crystal of the Month April 2024 Quartz Cluster Points!
Discount 50% off! 😍 In Store Only 

Chakra: Crown

Every month, the Crystal Gallery delights customers by offering a 50% discount on a specific crystal in the store, making it an irresistible opportunity for crystal enthusiasts to expand their collections.
Quartz crystals form in a variety of environments and are one of the most abundant minerals on Earth. They typically develop in hydrothermal veins, where hot water rich in dissolved silica cools and crystallizes. Quartz crystals can also form in igneous and metamorphic rocks. Their structure is composed of silicon and oxygen atoms arranged in a repeating pattern, giving them their unique properties. In terms of where to place quartz crystals in your house, it largely depends on personal preference and intention. Some people believe placing quartz crystals in the southeast corner of a room will promote prosperity and abundance. Others may place them near windows or entrances to invite positive energy into the space. Ultimately, it's essential to follow your intuition and place quartz crystals where they feel most energetically aligned with your intentions and the atmosphere you wish to create in your home.

Month: April 2024
Crystal: Quartz Points
Discount: 50% OFF! 😉

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