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Dalmatian Jasper Polished Palm Stone

Dalmatian Jasper Polished Palm Stone

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-It is thought that Dalmatian jasper, which is distinguished by its black and white speckled appearance, has grounding and protecting powers.

-Small, polished replicas of the natural stone known as polished palm stones are easy to grip and carry around.

-To relieve tension and to foster a sense of peace and balance, one might hold or carry a polished Dalmatian Jasper palm stone.

-To aid in mental and physical healing, polished Dalmatian Jasper palm stone can also be utilized in crystal healing and meditation techniques.

-These polished stones can be positioned throughout your home to balance the energy and are also utilized as home décor.


A variety of jasper known as dalmatian jasper, which may be found all over the world, is distinguished by its black and white speckled look. It is a combination of chalcedony and black tourmaline. It is thought to provide grounding and protecting qualities that encourage balance, are calming, and aid in both physical and mental recovery. It is frequently carried as a symbol for luck and protection and is utilized in crystal therapy and home décor.

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