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Garnet Chip Bead Necklace

Garnet Chip Bead Necklace

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-The necklace's 32-inch length offers versatility in how it is worn because it may be doubled up for a shorter length or worn long.

-The necklace is made special and striking by the addition of garnet chips, which offer color and texture.

-Chipped beads give off an organic, natural aesthetic that is ideal for boho or casual attire.

-The necklace is made of garnet, a well-liked gemstone prized for its deep red hue and thought to possess healing and talismanic qualities.

-Compared to a necklace composed entirely of garnet gemstones, this one has a more economical choice because to its chipped bead style.


Red and reddish-brown garnet is a mineral species that is frequently found in metamorphic rocks all over the world. It is utilized in jewelry and energy work and is thought to encourage passion, protection, and grounding.

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