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Golden Tiger Eye Polished Palm Stones

Golden Tiger Eye Polished Palm Stones

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-Small, round, smooth, and polished tiger eye gemstones can be utilized for healing, meditation, or decorating.

-Natural tiger eye, a kind of quartz with characteristic chatoyant bands and golden brown tones, is used to make these stones.

-Tiger eye is thought to promote stability and balance, encouraging relaxation and concentration with its warm, anchoring energy.

-Polished palm stones are a handy tool for traveling meditation and stress alleviation because they are light and portable.

-You can lay these stones on a desk or in a room to add natural beauty and vitality, or you can hold them in your hands while you're praying or meditating to connect with their healing energies more deeply.


A brownish-yellow gemstone with a metallic sheen is called tiger's eye. It is thought to provide protection, bring peace and affluence, and have grounding effects. It may be found in South Africa, Australia, and the US and is utilized in jewelry and decorative products. Despite being sturdy, it can be vulnerable to damage and should be stored with care.

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