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Green Aventurine Rough Candle Holder

Green Aventurine Rough Candle Holder

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-Rough green aventurine candle holders are a lovely and organic way to bring atmosphere to your house or place of business.

-Each candle holder is distinctive and will add a touch of nature to your decor because they are made from rough green aventurine stone.

-The green aventurine's rough surface gives your candle a firm base and guarantees that it will stay in place while burning.

-For anyone wishing to add natural wellness to their area, these candle holders are a perfect option because green aventurine is thought to have therapeutic characteristics.

-These green aventurine rough candle holders are an adaptable and lovely choice for a romantic supper, a meditation exercise, or simply to add some natural beauty to your home.


A particular variety of quartz mineral known as "Green Aventurine" is distinguished by its emerald green hue and sparkling look. It is frequently referred to as "the Stone of Opportunity" and is typically utilized for gemstone uses. It is frequently used for wealth, abundance, and manifestation because it is said to bring luck and success. It is frequently used for the heart chakra in crystal therapy and is supposed to encourage healing. The presence of fuchsite mineral inclusions within the quartz crystal is what gives it its green hue.

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