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Hematite Polished Palm Stones

Hematite Polished Palm Stones

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-Natural black and metallic-looking minerals include hematite.

-Small, smooth, polished stones called hematite polished palm stones are held in the palm of the hand.

-These stones are thought to provide balancing and grounding qualities that can assist to quiet the mind and lessen stress.

-Many people use polished hematite palm stones for chakra balance, crystal healing, and meditation.

-These stones come in a variety of sizes and forms and can be used to make bracelets and pendants for jewelry.


Fe2O3-containing hematite is a mineral that is naturally either black or steel-gray in color and has a metallic sheen. It is the main source of iron and has been utilized for thousands of years in jewelry and as a pigment. Popular in crystal healing, hematite is thought to provide balancing and anchoring effects. It is connected to the root chakra and is thought to improve mental clarity, attention, and concentration as well as encourage courage, strength, and endurance. Hematite can be found in a variety of shapes, such as beads, tumbling stones, and palm stones, and it can also be utilized in jewelry. Hematite's cost varies according to its size, shape, quality, and intended usage.

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