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Howlite Polished Palm Stones

Howlite Polished Palm Stones

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-Howlite is a semi-translucent, white mineral that is frequently colored to imitate other stones, like turquoise.

-The smooth, round or oval-shaped polished howlite palm stones are made to fit nicely in the palm of the hand.

-Because of their smooth surface and rounded shape, which are calming to the touch and hold, they are frequently used for meditation, stress alleviation, and anxiety reduction.

-Howlite is a well-liked option for anyone wishing to incorporate mindfulness techniques into their daily routine because it is believed to help relax the mind and reduce stress.

-Howlite is a somewhat soft and porous stone, which makes it ideal for carving and allows for a wide range of shapes and patterns to be created.


Howlite is a calcium borosilicate compound that occurs naturally as a mineral. It typically has a powdery, porous texture and is white or light gray in hue. Due to its porous surface and the fact that it is frequently colored to mimic other stones, it is frequently confused for other minerals, such as turquoise. The mineral was first identified in 1868 in Nova Scotia, Canada, and was given that country's geologist and chemist Henry How's name. Turkey and the western United States are the places where howlite is most frequently found. Howlite is a "soft" stone in the world of gems and minerals and is frequently used for carving and jewelry manufacturing. Additionally well-known are its metaphysical qualities, such as calming the mind, reducing stress, and promoting sleep.

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