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Hubei Turquoise Chip Bead Necklace

Hubei Turquoise Chip Bead Necklace

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-Handmade: Each necklace created with Hubei turquoise chip beads is individually manufactured, guaranteeing that no two are same.

-Natural turquoise: The necklace's turquoise chips came from the Hubei area of China, which is renowned for producing turquoise of the highest caliber.

-The necklaces' 32-inch length makes them a multipurpose item that can be worn in a number of different ways, such as layered or as a single strand.

-Pattern Flexibility: The necklace may be dressed up or down thanks to the chip bead design, making it appropriate for both casual and formal settings.

-Ethical sourcing: To ensure that no harm was done to the environment or the local communities during the mining and production of the turquoise used in the necklaces, the turquoise was sourced ethically.


Hubei turquoise is a premium grade turquoise that may be discovered in Hubei, China. It is renowned for its matrix patterns and greenish-blue tint. It is regarded as a top-tier turquoise variation and has been coveted for use in jewelry for thousands of years. Hubei turquoise's value is influenced by elements like color, matrix, size, and craftsmanship. It is utilized in a range of jewelry pieces as well as ornamental objects.

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