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Mecca Obsidian Sphere

Mecca Obsidian Sphere

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-Mecca obsidian spheres are constructed from natural obsidian, a volcanic glass that is produced when lava cools quickly. These spheres are a distinctive and striking sculpture due to the dark, glossy aspect of the obsidian.

-Obsidian is used frequently to help deflect negativity and foster a sense of security because of its well-known defensive characteristics. It is a common option for those trying to balance their emotions because it is thought to aid in mind-calming and encourage mental clarity.

-Handmade: Mecca obsidian spheres are frequently produced by hand, giving each one a special and unique quality. The sphere's hand-crafted nature enhances its beauty and individuality and distinguishes it as a unique object.


Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is the name of the place from which this particular type of obsidian is mined. It is valued for its distinctive black hue and shiny exterior. Obsidian is well renowned for its protective qualities, which serve to ward off evil and encourage mental clarity. Mecca obsidian spheres are frequently handmade, which adds to their distinctive character. They can be used for adornment or for spiritual purposes. Mecca obsidian spheres are an inexpensive and practical method to benefit from this material.

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