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Obsidian Silver Plated Pendant

Obsidian Silver Plated Pendant

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-Black Obsidian stone and silver-plated finish combine to give the pendant a stunning and distinctive appearance that can be worn with a range of outfits.

-Obsidian stone is a naturally occurring volcanic glass that has been valued for its beauty and alleged therapeutic powers for millennia.

-Handcrafted: The pendant was produced by hand, making each one special and carefully made.

-Versatile: The pendant is adaptable enough to be worn with a variety of ensembles, from casual to dressy, thanks to its silver-plated finish and straightforward design.

-Gift-Worthy: For individuals who value natural materials and handcrafted jewelry, the pendant is a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind present. It is also a fantastic option for people who are curious about Obsidian's rumored healing abilities.


Volcanic glass known as obsidian is created when lava cools rapidly without crystallizing. It is hard and brittle and mostly made of silica. Obsidian is thought to offer healing characteristics relating to protection and emotional equilibrium and has been utilized for tools, ornaments, and jewelry throughout history.

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