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Obsidian Polished Palm Stones

Obsidian Polished Palm Stones

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-Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass that is prized for both its distinctive look and alleged therapeutic effects.

-Smooth and Cozy: The palm stones are thoroughly polished to produce a smooth surface that is cozy to grasp, making them perfect for unwinding and relieving tension.

-Each palm stone is individually carved by hand, ensuring that it is both distinctive and carefully produced.

-Adaptable: The palm stones' compact size makes them simple to carry in a pocket or handbag and allows for a range of uses, including meditation, energy work, and fidgeting.

-Gift-worthy: For those who value natural materials and the advantages of energy work, the palm stones are a thoughtful and distinctive present.


Volcanic glass known as obsidian is created when lava cools rapidly without crystallizing. It is hard and brittle and mostly made of silica. Obsidian is thought to offer healing characteristics relating to protection and emotional equilibrium and has been utilized for tools, ornaments, and jewelry throughout history.

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