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Orange Calcite Polished Points

Orange Calcite Polished Points

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Polished points of orange calcite are rare and exquisite specimens that display the mineral's vivid orange hue and inherent patterns.

-These points are perfect for use in crystal healing and meditation techniques because they are usually 4-5 inches tall and have a sharp tip.

-Orange calcite is frequently used to increase creativity, confidence, and inspiration since it is thought to have energetic and uplifting characteristics.

-The points' polished surface gives them a sleek, gleaming appearance that makes them a striking addition to any room.

-Polished points made of orange calcite are simple to care for and keep clean; all that is needed is the occasional cleaning with a soft cloth. They should be maintained out of harsh chemicals and very hot or very cold environments and stored in a cool, dry location.


Orange calcite is a soft mineral distinguished by its striking orange hue. It is utilized in crystal therapy, meditation, jewelry, and decorative items because it is said to have revitalizing and uplifting powers. Care should be used when handling orange calcite, and it should be kept cold and dry while being cleaned with a soft cloth.

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