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Petrified Coral Polished Palm Stones

Petrified Coral Polished Palm Stones

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-With its intricate patterns and vibrant colors, polished petrified coral palm stones make a lovely and distinctive addition to any crystal or mineral collection.

-These stones have a strong link to the past and energy of the earth since they are constructed from ancient coral that has been fossilized over millions of years.

-Petrified coral is thought to offer medicinal qualities, including facilitating emotional healing and giving one's life solidity and anchoring.

-The palm stones' polished, smooth surface makes them comfortable to grip and use while meditation, and their compact size makes them easy to take around with you all day.


Coral that has been fossilized and replaced by silica over millions of years has a process known as petrification. This process preserves the coral's original structure and produces distinctive color and marking patterns. It is widespread and has a grounding and stabilizing energy that encourages peace and balance, boosts intuition and creativity, and facilitates communication and emotional healing. It is utilized as a decorative element, frequently as polished palm stones and spheres, as well as in energy healing and meditation.

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