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Picture Jasper 8mm Round Bracelet

Picture Jasper 8mm Round Bracelet

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-Picture Jasper is a special and lovely stone that is said to aid in bringing suppressed feelings and thoughts to the surface, making it a potent aid for introspection and personal development.

-8 mm round image Jasper bracelets are a chic and practical way to bring the energy of the stone into your daily life. They go well with other crystal or metal bracelets for a trendy and energizing look.

-Picture According to legend, jasper has a grounding and stabilizing energy that can help one feel calm and stable as well as peaceful and harmonious.

-These bracelets are a terrific gift for oneself because they are pleasant to wear and fit most wrist sizes thanks to their 8mm size.


A variety of chalcedony known as picture jasper is prized for its lovely patterns and natural hues. It is mainly found in the western United States and is thought to offer grounding and stabilizing energy. It promotes personal development and self-awareness by surfacing suppressed emotions. Picture Along with being used to make jewelry and decorative items, jasper is also used for energy healing and meditation.

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