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Pink Opal Chip Bead Necklace

Pink Opal Chip Bead Necklace

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-A lovely gemstone with a distinctive color, pink opal can range from light to dark pink and occasionally contains white, yellow, or brown matrix. The necklace's chip beads will each have a distinctive design and color.

-Flexible length: The necklace's 32-inch length allows it to be worn long or wrapped around the neck several times for a layered appearance.

-Natural beauty: This necklace is a terrific option for individuals who enjoy organic and earthy jewelry because the chip beads are naturally shaped.

-Pink opal is a well-known gemstone for emotional healing since it is thought to have a relaxing and soothing influence on the emotional body.


A reasonably common gemstone made of hydrated silica, pink opal can be found all over the world. It has white, yellow, or brown inclusions or matrix and is pink to rose in hue. Pink opal is frequently used in jewelry manufacturing and is thought to offer calming and soothing properties. Because it is quite fragile and easily scratched, it needs gentle handling.

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