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Pyrite Silver Plated Pendant

Pyrite Silver Plated Pendant

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-Distinctive beauty: The golden hue and metallic brilliance of pyrite make it a distinctive and eye-catching gemstone. Every pendant is distinctive and has a distinct natural pattern and texture.

-Pyrite is thought to promote mental clarity, creativity, and vitality by boosting good energy in the body and mind. Moreover, it is supposed to provide a grounding effect that helps to settle and balance emotions.

-Flexible application: The pendant's silver-plated mounting makes it simple to attach it to any chain or cable, making it a useful addition to any jewelry collection.

-An inexpensive yet fashionable item of jewelry, pyrite silver-plated pendants can lend a dash of all-natural charm to any outfit.


A mineral called pyrite has a metallic shine and has a soft brassy golden tint. It is frequently found in sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks as well as in hydrothermal veins and coal beds and has the chemical formula FeS2. Although pyrite isn't a precious metal, it is used to make sulfur dioxide and sulfuric acid. When brushed on steel, it can ignite a spark and is found in unusual crystal structures. When pyrite oxidizes, sulfuric acid is produced, which can lead to environmental issues like acid mine drainage.

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