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Quartz Ema Egg

Quartz Ema Egg

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-Quartz ema eggs are tiny, egg-shaped crystals that have undergone polishing to achieve a flawless surface.

-Because of their alleged capacity to magnify and purify energy, they are frequently utilized in spiritual and energy work. They are also thought to be particularly helpful for healing and balancing the body's energy centers.

-Traditional Japanese folk art known as "ema eggs" includes hanging tiny wooden plaques, or "ema," at Shinto shrines in order to make a wish or a prayer.

-Quartz ema eggs can also be worn as jewelry or used as decorations by hanging them on a string or chain or holding them in your palm while expressing a wish or a prayer.


A typical mineral called quartz is made up of silicon and oxygen atoms. It rates a 7 on the Mohs scale for hardness and has a glass-like sheen. Quartz has numerous industrial uses in addition to being used to make jewelry and timepieces. When used in spiritual and energy work, it is prized for its curative and purifying qualities. Various quartz varieties are linked to various energies and qualities.

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