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Rainbow Moonstone Silver Plated Pendant

Rainbow Moonstone Silver Plated Pendant

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-This stunning rainbow moonstone pendant has an arresting appearance that changes hues and takes on a special iridescence when the light shines on it. Its beauty is enhanced by the silver plating, which transforms it into a dazzling and captivating accessory.

-Spiritual significance: Rainbow moonstone is thought to possess powerful spiritual qualities, including the capacity to heighten inner consciousness and intuition. This pendant may aid the wearer in developing their spiritual practice and developing their intuition.

-Versatility: This pendant fits both informal and formal settings because to its classic and beautiful design. It can be used with a range of clothing to develop a distinctive and individual look.


A feldspar mineral called rainbow moonstone is prized for its iridescence and flashes of blue, purple, or other hues. It is thought to have spiritual qualities that encourage prosperity, new beginnings, and intuition. Rainbow moonstone should be sourced ethically because it is frequently used in jewelry and crystal healing. It should be handled carefully and kept away from harsh chemicals due to its Mohs hardness of 6-6.5.

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