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Red Goldstone Polished Palm Stones

Red Goldstone Polished Palm Stones

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-Distinctive Appearance: With their reddish-orange tint and metallic flakes, these polished Red Goldstone palm stones beautifully display the distinctive and lovely appearance of this glass substance.

-A excellent tool for meditation and energy healing techniques, the palm stones are polished and contoured for a comfortable grip.

-Red goldstone is thought to contain energetic qualities that foster vitality, self-assurance, and ambition. You can access these energies and feel more energised and concentrated by holding one of our Red Goldstone palm stones.

-Versatile Use: Our Red Goldstone palm stones can be utilized in a multitude of ways, such as as ornamental items, meditation aids, or daily talismans.


Glass material called red goldstone has metallic specks that give it a shimmering appearance. It is thought to offer energy qualities that support vitality, vigor, and confidence and is used in jewelry. It is well-liked for its distinctive appearance and its capacity to support people in achieving their goals. It is related to the root and sacral chakras.

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