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Red Jasper Round Bracelet

Red Jasper Round Bracelet

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-Natural Beauty: With their deep red hue and distinctive patterns and markings that make each bracelet unique, these Red Jasper Round Bracelets beautifully display the natural beauty of this stone.

-Each bracelet's elastic cord and 8mm round beads are strung together to provide a snug, comfortable fit. It's ideal as a statement piece or for everyday wear.

-Metaphysical Qualities: Red jasper is thought to contain energetic qualities that support courage, strength, and a sense of security. You may connect with these energies and feel more centered and in control by wearing our Red Jasper bracelet.

-Versatile Style: For a chic and fashionable look, stack our Red Jasper bracelets with other bracelets or wear them alone. They work well together.


A deep red kind of chalcedony called red jasper is thought to have energetic qualities that support courage, solidity, and grounding. Used in jewelry-making and spiritual practices, it is related to the root chakra and sacral chakra. It is a beautiful stone that can stand out in any environment because it is adaptable, strong, and durable.

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