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Red Jasper Polished Points

Red Jasper Polished Points

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-The deep red hue and distinctive patterns and marks that give each piece of Red Jasper its own individual beauty are highlighted in our polished points.

-Versatile Use: You can use our Red Jasper points in a number of different contexts, such as as a decorative item, in energy work, or as a tool for meditation. The energy can be focused and directed easily due to its pointed nature.

-Red jasper is thought to provide energetic qualities that encourage courage, solidity, and grounding. You may connect with these energies and feel more centered and in control by using our Red Jasper point.

-Each Red Jasper point is around 4-5 inches tall, which makes it a significant and striking sculpture.


A deep red kind of chalcedony called red jasper is thought to have energetic qualities that support courage, solidity, and grounding. Used in jewelry-making and spiritual practices, it is related to the root chakra and sacral chakra. It is a beautiful stone that can stand out in any environment because it is adaptable, strong, and durable.

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