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-Mineral formations called stalactites dangle from the roof of caves and other underground chambers.

-They are created by the slow deposition of minerals from dripping water over thousands of years.

-Most often calcium carbonate, which is also present in limestone and other rock formations, is the material responsible for stalactite development.

-Stalactites can range in size and shape from tiny, fragile strands to enormous columns that are several meters long.

-Because to their unusual and otherworldly appearance, stalactites are frequently found in caves and other underground areas that are accessible to the general public.


In caves and caverns, stalactites are mineral formations that hang from the ceilings. They are created when dissolved mineral-containing water leaks through the cave's roof fissures and drips onto the ground below. Stalactites are cone-shaped mineral deposits that develop over time; their size, shape, and color vary depending on the conditions of their development. Stalactites are much-liked tourist attractions as well as significant geological indicators that might provide information about a place's past.

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