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Tourmaline Silver Plated Triangle Pendant

Tourmaline Silver Plated Triangle Pendant

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-One crystal with a reputation for protection is black tourmaline. It can aid in forming a barrier of protection around the wearer when worn as a pendant.

-The pendant's silver plating may give it a dash of class and sophistication. Both casual and formal clothing can be worn with it.

-Black tourmaline used as a pendant can also offer stability and anchoring, assisting the user in feeling more focused and balanced.

-In addition to aiding in physical recovery and harmonizing the energy field, black tourmaline is thought to provide a wide range of other therapeutic advantages.


Iron, aluminum, and boron are the main elements found in the crystal form of black tourmaline. It is well renowned for its capacity to counteract bad energy, encourage serenity and relaxation, and balance energy. Black tourmaline is frequently employed in spiritual rituals and energy work, as well as for physical healing. It is widespread throughout the world and frequently used in jewelry or carried for grounding and protection.

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